How To Care Silver Jewelry

There are many material parameters of silver jewelry, so we need to distinguish clearly, the easiest way is to look at the numbers. If your product is rated at .950, continuous polishing is required. If they are rated at .925, the material is stronger and does not require much cleaning. Kingka's all sterling silver jewelry is .925.

In order for S925 jewelry to be weared for a long time, here are some tips:

  • Shower. Wearing a jewelry shower is not a good idea, but occasionally it does not cause any lasting damage. Just make sure to dry it.

  • Swimming pool. Take off your silver jewelry. Chlorine is a very harsh chemical, so if you accidentally forget to remove your silver jewelry before jumping in, make sure to rinse and clean it later.

  • Hot spring. Sulfur in natural hot springs can seriously damage your silver. Unless you are going to use a "dark oxidized" look, avoid it at all costs.

  • Make up. Chemicals in lotions and perfumes can also tarnish your jewelry. Apply them and let them dry before putting on jewelry. This alone can make a huge difference in your silver gloss.

  • Storage. Exposure to the air can tarnish your delicate silver and cause serious damage to you. Don't just place it on a bedside table or in an open jewelry cabinet. And don't just leave it in your wallet or drawer! It is best to store silver in a single airtight bag with rust protection. These types of bags prevent air exposure and maintain gloss and vividness.

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