What Is 925 Sterling Sliver

In recent years, 925 seems like a set of magic passwords.
As long as this group of numbers is attached,
the volume of discussions will soar instantly,
such as sterling silver bracelet, sterling silver necklace, sterling silver ring, etc.
A bunch of jewelry sellers' products are marked with
"925 sterling silver", "sterling silver" and "999 sterling silver".
Some of them are sold at roadside stalls, and the prices are wallet-friendly.
Other products in the shop window have doubled in price.
What is the difference between 925 sterling silver and 999 sterling silver?
Why is the price of 925 sterling silver so affordable?
Those who have seen costume dramas should know that
some ancient aristocrats had silver utensils and tableware in their homes,
symbolizing wealth and power.
The advantages of sterling silver are not only because
it is a precious metal and can retain its value,
but also because it has great help in human health testing.
Wearing sterling silver jewelry can reflect your physical health.
As long as you use it normally, don’t take it to swim,
after wearing it for a long time,
the silver jewelry will become more and more shiny,
but it will not easily become black!
999 sterling silver is expensive, soft and difficult to shape,
and is rarely used for jewelry processing.
Real sterling silver should be 999 sterling silver,
which means that the silver content is higher than 999 parts per thousand.
The remaining one thousandth is fine molecules and
impurities generated during the refining process.
925 sterling silver, added alloy for enhanced texture, easy to shape.
At present, the most widely distributed in the market should be 925 sterling silver.
A standard created by Tiffany & Co.,
925 per thousand silver plus 75 per thousand other metals.
The word "925" should be engraved on the top of the jewelry.
After adding other materials, the texture is better shaped.
Commonly used in bracelets, necklaces, rings or home decoration.
The identification method of 925 sterling silver is as follows:
1.There should be 925 words on the top
2.It will oxidize and turn yellow when it comes into contact with air
3.There must be a certain amount of weight.
4.The price will not be too low.
Kingka's sterling silver materials are all 925 sterling silver, you must not miss it!
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