Why Is The Use Of Italian Leather Still The First Choice Of Fashion Today?

Italian leather is noble and gorgeous, and is mostly used in the production of high-end shoes, handbags, leather accessories and high-quality furniture. Its leather production value accounts for 62% of the EU, and its exports account for 27,8% of the world. These figures undoubtedly indicate that Italy is in the world leather market occupies a pivotal position.

Long history and high quality
The traditional production technology of Italy for more than 1000 years, and has a high degree of development in animal husbandry. The temperature in Italy is suitable, there are few insects that bite cattle and sheep like mosquitoes, so that the cattle and sheepskin have no scars, so the quality of the cowhide produced will be particularly good.
High level of raw material processing technology and process
Italy's good production process, handmade history and humanistic feelings, advocate the concept of green and environmental protection, and advocate the recycling of vegetable tanned leather, aiming to maximize the utilization rate of raw materials.
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