3 Rules Of Mixing And Matching Jewelry

How many pieces of jewelry are suitable for wearing out? This question is much more particular!

Many people know how to match clothes, but know little about the skills of jewelry matching. In fact, the quantity of jewelry to wear can not be too much or little, the most important is appropriate.

Necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets or bangles are the best four-piece sets in jewelry. Pay attention to the quantity and combination of jewelry on different occasions and wearing different clothing.

Let ’s take a look at the three basic rules for collocation.

Rule one: Avoid the four-piece set appearing together!

In the shopping malls of the 1990s, jewelry was often sold box by box. There were four sets of earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets. But today, the only occasion where the "classic four-piece set" can be controlled is the wedding.

Therefore, girls please keep in mind: in general, two kinds of jewelry are worn together, and a maximum of three kinds could be worn (but each item must be small). Earrings mix rings or earrings mix bracelets are the best combination.

earrings  bracelet

If you choose a unique ring, it would be cool to wear the same style earrings, but there is no need to wear the same necklace and bracelet.

With the same earrings and necklace, although the two are a bit close, if the design is more sophisticated, it is also a good match.


If you wear earrings, rings and bracelets of the same series, please don't wear necklaces anymore.

Rule two: clothes and jewelry must be matched together!

Suppose you are wearing a piece of clothing with complex styles and colors,just wearing earrings is enough.

Simple style and color clothes, wearing the same design necklace and earrings will increase the sense; if you want to add a ring, be sure to wear it on the index finger.

earrings necklace ring

Rule 3: Pay attention to the sense of occasion!

Don't assume everything is mix and match

If you are not working in the fashion industry or creative workshops, then you must keep in mind the best rule in the office: high-level + low-key. Jewelry should have highlights, but not too flamboyant or shining. business suit plus ear studs and rings is the best match, and try to choose the smaller size.

ear studs

For leisure and vacation, please put metal rhinestone jewelry at home and bring some interesting textures, such as colored earrings or tassel earrings. Such accessories match the blue sky, white clouds and sea breeze very much.

As for nightclubs, just wear the blingbling on! Exaggerated earrings and rings make you the brightest focus in the audience.

High tea and shopping with friends, you can release the little princess inside you. Adorable or casual styles can be combined and worn as you like.

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