Choosing Necklaces For Necklines

Necklaces may be the most difficult to match, but if they are well matched, the necklace can modify the deficiencies of the neck and make it even more icing on the cake. But how to match it to make the necklace and neckline around the neck a perfect match?

High neckline is suitable for wearing a long chain.

The most effective way to dress is to reverse the color of the necklace and clothes, such as dark clothes with shiny necklaces, black clothes with bright necklaces, and white clothes with dark necklaces.

white dust necklace

Crew neck is suitable for wearing multi-strand necklaces.

Choose the style with color in disparity but compact, or the style with the same color but a certain sense of space from the face. The multi-strand neckline is suitable to wear, which can highlight the adorable temperament.

leather necklace

Boat neck is suitable for wearing long necklaces with pendants.

Wearing a boat neck will reveal sexy collarbone, so it is not suitable to wear a short chain around the neck, otherwise it will steal the spotlight. A long chain with a pendant can stretch the entire neck line, adding a large or exaggerated pendant as an embellishment to the approximate chest position.

oval necklace

Strapless is suitable for short round necklace.

The large layer of exaggerated necklace is the best partner for tube tops, no matter it is short chain or long chain. If you choose a long chain, pay attention to its size. Pendants or chains that are large enough can make up for the empty feeling of exposed skin.

crystal stone necklace

More matching methods can refer to the picture below


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