How To Choose The Right Beaded Bracelet

If you are looking for a personalized piece that can add a stylish touch to leisure activities, a beaded bracelet is definitely the first choice. 

Matching a beaded bracelet can be tricky because you not only look at the color, but also the size, shape, and texture.

A good rule of thumb is to match the colors in your bracelet to something else in your outfit.

It’s simply easy to pick the safest color, black, and go with it. Most men tend to go for black beaded bracelets because it’s easy to simply slip it on without having to think about the various color combinations and whether it will match with the rest of the outfit. Black beaded bracelets match well with all the watches. It’s always nice to go for a bracelet that will match all the watches!

mens black onyx bracelets 

If you’re wearing a neutral colored suit, like cream, black, or navy, you don’t want to wear beaded bracelets that stand out too much. Some beaded bracelets are smaller and more understated and it’s possible to wear these to a work setting where you would be wearing a suit.

bronzite bracelets

Any bracelet with large or colorful beads would be appropriate for daily outfit or casual events. These would be great to wear with khakis or jeans, even with something as casual as a t-shirt. 

You can even stack it to match your various bracelets.

beaded bracelet set

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