How To Match 925 Sterling Sliver Jewelry

There are many reasons why silver jewelry is popular. It is not as expensive as luxury or as luxurious as gold, silver jewelry has a mysterious tension, low-key and connotative.

If you want to handle it perfectly, first, find the style that suits you. Second, keep up with fashion trends. No matter how you match it, it is best to set off your personal style and characteristics. Here are some tips for you.

1. Silver jewelry with colorful precious stones is suitable for ladies to wear.

precious stone jewelry

2. Casual wear is suitable for matching unique and exaggerated sterling silver jewelry. Business wear is suitable for slender and concise sterling silver necklaces.

silver necklaces

3. Pay attention to changing the style often worn, do not wear outdated popular elements.

4. Silver jewelry should not be mixed with gold jewelry, because its temperament is different, but different styles of silver jewelry can be worn together, showing a abundant texture.

5. If the styling of the silver jewelry itself is stronger, it is recommended to adopt a combination, such as a simple decoration, like single pendant necklace, bracelet or ring. And the silver jewelry can be matched with a slender shirt or plain sweater, naturally exuding an elegant atmosphere.


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