A Pair of Earrings can Be Worn in Many Ways-What Girls All Want

  Earrings are a very important decoration in wearing and matching. In many cases, whether a person looks good or not is inseparable from the decoration of these things.

  Kingka jewelry's stardust pendant earrings can be worn in many ways. These multi-wear earrings are composed of two parts, the arc earring needle and the line stardust ear plug pendant. So. How to reflect its multi-wearing effect? Let's take a look!

  Method one: Wear the a hoop earrings alone, plus an ordinary ear plug. Girls with long faces choose hoop earrings to visually widen their long faces and modify their face.

  Method two: Wear the line stardust earring alone, plus a simple dot stud earrings of the same color. Girls with round faces choose line-shaped earrings. This kind of drape can visually lengthen the face and make the face appear smaller. This can better modify the round face shape and make the face more three-dimensional.

  Method three: Wear the hoop earrings on one side alone, plus an ordinary ear plug; on the other ear, wear the line stardust earring, plus a simple dot stud earrings of the same color . This wearing method makes the earrings with asymmetrical sides on both sides, and the asymmetrical wearing method is more individual and avant-garde than the traditional symmetrical wearing method. No matter what kind of single product plus an asymmetric earring design or only one side, it can easily create a visual impact.

  Method four: Wear hoop earring pin and line stardust earring. The hoop and line stardust earrings combine the advantages of the two earrings, making this earring the most versatile earring.

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