Do You Know the History of Men Wearing Earrings?

  "Earrings" have a long history. Since ancient times, earrings have gone through eternity, spanning time and space, and constantly shining eternal light.

  The first men with earrings were sailors. They believe piercings will protect them from drowning. Men who wear earrings aren't just sailors anymore. Because men wearing earrings is considered to be a sign of homosexuality, there are also many secret words, such as wearing an earring on the left ear means homosexuality, wearing an earring on the right ear means bisexuality and so on. With the popularity of rock singers, men's earrings have completely lost their sexual significance.

  Now, the upper class has gradually accepted that men wear earrings. For example, when super professional athletes sign high-paying contracts, they will openly embellish a sparkling diamond on their earlobes. Or you can see men wearing stainless steel earrings everywhere on the street.


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