Do You Know the Meaning of Giving a Cross To the Opposite Sex?

The cross was originally an instrument of torture used to execute prisoners in the Roman Empire. Jesus was crucified in order to eliminate sin and suffer for the sake of humanity, giving up his life for righteousness. Later, the cross was given a new meaning by Christianity, representing God's love and salvation for the world, and is a sacred and inviolable symbol.

According to ancient books, the cross was recognized in ancient Babylon as a symbol of the sun god, a symbolic motif and able to combine with the circle to form the sun wheel. Not only that, the cross is also a symbol of the continuity of life, similar to human reproduction. Generally speaking, the vertical bars of the cross suggest the male and the horizontal bars suggest the female.

In order to pursue fashion and beauty and enhance the effect of matching clothes, they often use the cross necklace with simple shape and smooth lines as an ornament

Necklaces are also not only exclusive to women in their pursuit of beauty, but many men are slowly starting to pay attention to the beauty and texture that necklaces bring. Many men believe that wearing jewelry such as cross necklaces can add points to their overall outfit, thus adding to the charm of attracting others.

The necklace represents faithful love, the cross represents the holy Jesus, the combination of the cross necklace is the commitment of men and women to meet for life.

Of course, the meaning of a cross can vary slightly depending on the person to whom it is given. If a man gives a woman a cross necklace, it means that the man is expressing to the woman that he is willing to devote himself to her and devote his life to protect her. If a woman gives a cross necklace to a man, it means that the woman expresses her pure love for the man. A promise is a promise of a lifetime, and God will condemn it if it is reversed.

Wearing a cross necklace, fashionable beauty and good moral both meaning, become the first alternative item of many people jewelry selection.

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