Do You Know the Meaning of Skull?

Skull are the corrupted bones of dead animals or people. They are often symbols of death. They are often transformed into the image of death or ghosts. They are also used as materials and made into bones. Bones are often a symbol of hardship, and they are also a concrete imitation of a person's integrity, that is, "spine".

Skull represents death, but also represents a new beginning of life, can also be understood as changing fate and pursuing a new life. There is always death in life, and the most important thing is the fearless attitude when facing death.

It is said that the skull culture can develop into a national holiday, which is the "Day of the Dead" in Mexico. The Aztecs have a special liking for Mayan culture and cherish the memory of their deceased through the form of festivals. After Mexico became a Spanish colony, the Christian culture gradually integrated, and skull and pumpkin heads were also used on the Day of the Dead. The skull necklace is an object that strips away all mundane desires and gets closer to heaven. The skull totem, which implied death and rebirth, serves as a kind of culture to convey the nostalgia for the dead relatives. The skull necklace is worn with you, not only to miss the deceased relatives, but also to bless and bless us who are still alive!

Skull necklaces are very popular among young people. It is a representative of a trend and a manifestation of individuality! What is meaningful to you or what you think is the best is the cool thing. Don't care about what others think, be the truest self!


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