Do You Know the Special Meaning of the Black Agate Stone?

  In recent years, forest fires have been frequent and intensified every year, arousing global attention and reflection. Do you still remember that the Australian fire last year lasted 210 days and destroyed 60,000 square kilometers of land, causing casualties, animal deaths, and economic losses. These are shocking.

Why are the global forest fires soaring

  Regarding this phenomenon, researchers analyzed that since the Industrial Revolution, one of the direct consequences of the gradual warming of the global climate is the frequency and intensity of heat waves around the world. Naturally, as heat waves accompany droughts, forest fires become more frequent. It is worth noting that under the threat of global warming and extreme weather, not only countries with relatively hot weather, but also countries with relatively cool climates have also encountered forest fires.

  The black agate beaded bracelet of KINGKA resembling volcanic lava is close to the reality of a volcano, expressing awe for any natural disasters related to "fire". At the same time, the black agate stone has two styles, matte and shiny, to show the two sides of fire, that is, fire not only brings light to people, but also harms people in this kind of disaster. The hardness of the black agate stone also indicates that people should face these natural disasters with a determined attitude, and take active measures, such as carrying out fire-fighting knowledge training; preparing wildfire prevention and control materials; and rationally planning the construction of towns and roads. At the same time, planting trees and afforestation to ensure that the soil can maintain sufficient humidity, so as to play a role in restraining and preventing fires.

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