Do You Know the Story behind the Turquoise Earth Bracelet?

  Have you paid attention to the changes of things around you? Unconsciously, the environment around us is quietly undergoing earth-shaking changes. According to reports, since 1990, a total of 420 million hectares of forests have been destroyed globally, that is, trees have been felled and forest land has been converted to agriculture or infrastructure. As natural resources are consumed in unsustainable ways, forests and the entire global environment are severely degraded.

  Forests play an important role in reducing carbon dioxide, animal communities, hydrological turbulence, and consolidating soil. They are one of the most important aspects of the earth's biosphere and are the resources and environmental protection that humans rely on for survival. Human beings have only one earth, how can we cherish our blue home? It should be a problem that people all over the world think about together.

  Based on the purpose of protecting the earth, KINGKA released Love the Earth series, and extended the theme of caring for the forest. Mainly use green turquoise as the design material, combined with earth elements, to design a turquoise earth bracelet. Hoping to express our gratitude to the nature that nurtures us with environmentally friendly jewelry works.

  Because of its beautiful color and magnificent pattern, turquoise has become a favorite gem of the East and the West. In the West, it is also the birthstone representing December among modern birthstones, symbolizing success and victory. The Aztecs have a legend that when it rains, people rejoice and dance. When their tears of joy mixed with rain, the water penetrated into the earth, creating the "stone of the sky". Turquoise is still used by North American Indians as a stone of strength, symbolizing protection, courage and truth.


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