Do You Know Why Dog Tag Necklaces are So Popular Today?

  The official name of the dog tag necklace is called the military ID tag, jokingly called the dog tag. According to records, the first army to use "dog tags" came from Spartan soldiers in Europe. At that time, each soldier had a small wooden stick engraved with his own name on his wrist. Once killed, the surviving soldiers could pass through the above. The news finds their own comrades.

  With the advent of gunpowder and modern weapons, more and more soldiers were killed on the battlefield. Many corpses have been severely damaged for various reasons and cannot be identified at all, and the original identification marks will also be damaged. Therefore, the material of the identification cards has changed from wood and wax in the early years to metal products.

  Up to now, not only soldiers will wear "dog tags", but some similar items have also become the favorite of many people. For example, some elderly people with serious illnesses will wear necklace similar to "dog tags", so that they can be dealt with in time in an emergency. Generally, personal information, the type of disease and the required medicines are written on it.

  In addition, some young people will also make "dog tags" into ornaments and necklaces and wear them around their necks. There is always the person's information and beliefs on it, the name of the person you like the most, or even a famous quote, the logo of an idol star or the name of a book.

  Kingka jewelry dog tag necklaces are made of stainless steel and 925 sterling silver. The designer endows them with popular weaving, animal patterns, pyramid elements, as well as rectangles, circles and other shapes.

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