How Are Glaciers Formed?

  For the formation of glaciers, in addition to requiring a certain altitude, the mountains must not be too steep. The falling snow formed snow on the mountain. With the change of external conditions and time, snowflakes will become spherical snow that completely loses the crystal characteristics, which is called granular snow. After the snow becomes snow grains, as time goes by, the pores between the snow grains continue to shrink and disappear, and some air is also enclosed inside, thus forming a glacier.

  The ice of the glacier was milky white when it was first formed. After a long period of time, the glacier ice has become denser and harder, and the bubbles inside have gradually reduced, slowly turning into crystal clear, blue crystal-like old glacier ice.

  The whiteness of turquoise is the same as the whiteness of glaciers, and it has the purity and sacredness of white which is so simple that it makes people full of reveries. Kingka jewelry's white turquoise bracelet in the glacier category of the Earth series with the theme of environmental protection, with its white and pure meaning, calls on human beings to protect the earth environment where we live together.

  White turquoise is a kind of turquoise, on a white background, there are irregular silver veins and patches. White turquoise stone is often called the "white buffalo" stone, symbolizing its extensive spiritual energy. White turquoise variety is a powerful sacred stone and is valued for the rarity and purity of its mineral composition.


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