How to Appreciate the Beauty of the Desert?

  When people talk about deserts, most people think that the environment there is harsh and there is no water source, so that there will not be too many lives there. Even if there is life, there are some relatively drought-tolerant plants or animals.

  Deserts are widely distributed on the earth's surface, and nearly one-third of the world's land is covered by deserts. Desert areas are usually areas with sparse precipitation. There may be many reasons for the lack of precipitation. It may be controlled by the subtropical high pressure all year round; it may be that it is deep inland and far away from the sea, and ocean water vapor is difficult to reach; it may be It is located on the leeward slope of the prevailing wind, and the rain shadow effect is scarce. Therefore, it is very difficult to find water resources in desert areas.

  Kingka jewelry desert necklace is used to express the awe of the desert. We all know that the rivers in the desert are the most precious, so Kingka jewelry uses mineral stardust to represent the rivers; it uses uneven and irregular patterns to represent the sand dunes. In a barren desert, the sky is generally clear and there are few clouds, the air is relatively pure, and the desert has few vegetation, the terrain is small, and the endless sandy hills stretch for hundreds of miles, so the stars are particularly bright in the desert. The three stars represent the most beautiful starry sky in the desert night sky.

  A necklace can preserve the beauty of the desert!

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