How to Make More Sense of Tiger Eye?

  We only know that the earth is the only planet suitable for human habitation, but we don't know that the earth does not belong to humans only. Long before humans appeared, there were already animals on the earth. The earth is not only the home of mankind, but also the home of other animals and plants.

  In recent years, the conflicts between humans and animals have become increasingly fierce, and it has become a matter of course for humans to encroach on their homes. We can see that with the development of modern industry, hundreds of tons of plastic garbage are dumped into the ocean every year, and marine organisms also die from eating plastic. There are also excuses such as the medicinal value of certain animal special organs, or the production of handicrafts and clothes, which led to the killing of a large number of wild animals. These human activities threaten the survival of animals. The ecosystem is in a relatively stable state. Once a certain link is destroyed, the entire biosphere will also be subject to backlash.

  The tiger's eye beads of KINGKA jewelry brand have black and yellow tones, which resemble the pattern of a tiger. There is also the light reflected by the beads, scorching and scorching, like the eyes of a tiger. In order to awaken human beings to the truth that only by living in harmony can humans and animals coexist, the KINGKA jewelry design team made a bracelet made of tiger's eye beads and a three-dimensional earth accessory to make humans remember the truth of the symbiosis of humans and animals. In order to call humans to stop killing wild animals, so as to achieve the purpose of caring for the common home of humans and animals. Tiger eye stone is divided into red tiger eye and yellow tiger eye. The red tiger eyes express the anger of the tiger's struggle state, and the yellow tiger eyes express the natural tenderness of the tiger's harmonious state.

  Let the killing stop and the environmental protection a little bit more, then the earth and mankind will never cease to derive.

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