How to Stack Rings

"Stacked" seems to have a kind of magical power, which makes people love it. Compared to a single ring, it has more options. Moreover, the stacking ring is not picky at all, it is suitable for men and women, and it will never be out of date. Why don’t you see the beauty as you imagined when you stack several rings? In fact, it seems that you wear them casually. They are usually worn on the ring finger, middle finger, and index finger. The pinky tail ring can be added according to the situation and your own hobbies, and it is generally worn on the root of the finger.

KINGKA JEWELRY will show women's stacking rings from three aspects.

1. In therms of color:

The stacking of rings of the same color is the more popular way to wear recently, which has a sense of series; for example, the colors of three black rings echo together—Stacking Rings, Grey Stardust, which will make your hands look more delicate and beautiful.

2.Popular color matching: gold and silver

Gold is very versatile in winter, and gold is especially popular this season—Stacking Rings, White Stardust and Stacking Rings, Gold Stardust


When stacking, the shining crystals on the ring will increase the temperament of the entire hand, and the wearing method is convex—Stacking Gold Rings,Black Stardust

Although stacking rings may seem casual, it is a very popular and beautiful match.

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