One Piece of Jewelry, One Piece of Heart for the Earth

  From the worldwide outbreak of the COVID-19 in 2019 to the present, the COVID-19 has spread for more than two years. Scientists have been racing against the virus. People in the world still have not found a cure for the virus. The COVID-19 is ravaging the world and the economy is facing collapse. The COVID-19 has already affected all aspects of people's lives. For example, schools are forced to close classes, factories stop operations, and travel to leave is now a distant dream, etc. It makes people feel that the days when people can take off their masks and breathe freely in public places are nowhere in sight. People began to reflect on why this menacing virus can threaten people, and where exactly is the problem. People are beginning to question whether environmental issues such as air pollution exacerbate respiratory diseases and make people more susceptible to the COVID-19.

  The COVID-19 pandemic proves that the interdependence between humans and biodiversity is so close that once biodiversity is weakened, it is human beings who are hit. The earth is the home of mankind and nature. However, the expansion of cities, the exploitation of resources, and the continuous expansion of human activities have greatly reduced the room for nature to thrive. The marine animals suffocated by marine debris around their necks are all nature's silent shouts to the over-expansion of mankind. All of these have repeatedly clarified a heavy truth: on the earth on which we depend for survival and development, human beings and nature are a true community of destiny. In this context, caring for the earth brooks no delay.

  In the jewelry industry, the awareness of caring for the earth is also quietly rising. Among them, the earth series of the KINGKA jewelry brand takes the earth that nurtures and supports life as the design concept, and presents the beauty of the earth with ingenious design and exquisite craftsmanship. In addition, the jewelry of the Earth series is based on the earth element as the starting point, incorporating the concepts of forest, volcano, desert, star, glacier, and ocean as the theme of five natural landscapes. The concept of loving the earth is interpreted in the form of earth necklaces and beaded bracelets.

  The kingka jewelry design team hopes to let everyone appreciate the beauty of the earth through this jewelry, and at the same time allow people to reflect on the environment around them. And call on more people to join the team that loves the earth by sounding the alarm, so that everyone can do what they can to protect the earth on which we humans depend and survive.

  Caring for the earth means accepting the gift of nature, while also giving nature time to breathe, respecting nature, and protecting our homes. Humans should also learn to restrain themselves. The COVID-19 epidemic will eventually pass, but cherishing the earth and protecting nature should be an eternal task for mankind.


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