Open the Real Mask of Gemini with Greek Mythology

  In Greek mythology, Zeus, who was obsessed with Leda, the Princess of Sparta, turned into a swan in order to get close to her. The two gave birth to twins, Borax, son of God, and Castor, son of man. Both are brave and adventurous warriors, often joining hands to make great achievements. They also have twin cousins Idas and Links. One day the four were going to catch the cows. When they caught a lot of cows and were about to split, the greedy Idas and Links took advantage of Borax and the Castor brothers to take all the cows back.

  The enraged two twins quarreled, and Idas stabbed Castor to death with an arrow. Borax was so sad that he wanted to go to heaven with Castor, but he couldn't do so because of his eternal life. His grief moved Zeus, and he set up a constellation for the two of them to live in the kingdom of heaven and the kingdom of death.

  In Greek mythology, the god who rules Gemini is Mercury, who is regarded as the patron saint of merchants or thieves. Mercury has a unique skill in love, so he can easily capture the heart of his lover, and the way he loves love is diverse, fancy, and rich.

  Kingka personalized Gemini necklace is decorated with disc pendants and beaded chains of constellation pendants, which can be used as a single chain or wrapped in a double chain. The constellation necklace is customized. You can engrave your own symbol on the back of the disc pendant to customize your style. Go and learn more about Gemini.



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