The Heroic Deeds of Aries

God always favors brave people, wear an Aries necklace, and give you courage! Let us experience the heroic deeds of Aries.

According to legend, the king married a new queen. It's a pity that the new queen was naturally jealous and couldn't stand the king's love for the children left by his ex-wife, so an evil conspiracy gradually formed in her mind.

In the spring sowing season, the new queen sends the cooked wheat to farmers across the country. Ripe wheat, no matter how watered or fertilized, can't sprout.

At this time, the new queen spread rumors about wheat, saying that the reason why the wheat could not germinate was because the prince and princess caused the wrath of the sky, which led to the punishment of the gods on the country.

Upon hearing this, the unsuspecting farmers immediately followed the rumor of the new queen!

Soon, all over the country, men and women, young and old, unanimously demanded that the king must put the prince and princess to death, to release the curse, and to calm the wrath of the sky.

In order to calm the anger, the king had to reluctantly agreed to the people's request and prepared to execute the princess and the prince in exchange for the people's trust. The news reached the prince and princess' biological mother, who was shocked and frightened, and hurriedly turned to the great god Zeus for help. Zeus could not understand the vicious methods of the new queen, so he agreed to help. On the day of the execution, a ram with long golden hair suddenly appeared in the sky. He rescued his brother and sister. On the way across the sea, the ram accidentally threw his sister into the sea and died.

Later, in order to reward this brave but careless ram, Zeus hung him high in the sky, which is known as Aries today.

Therefore, Kingka Jewelry created an exclusive necklace dedicated to the brave and passionate Aries.

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