The Mysterious Myth of Taurus

Each constellation has its own characteristics, and different constellations have different interpretations, which affect the way we view the world. The twelve constellations guard you in the form of jewelry!

Taurus is a beaded chain made of stainless steel and mineral dust. Its color is rose gold and white. Taurus people are generally not impatient, they slowly express their feelings to each other. This kind of feeling is strong, deep and long-lasting. They are loyal friends and lovers.

Here is a short story about Taurus:

Taurus is the incarnation of Zeus. Legend has it that Zeus likes Europa, the daughter of Agenor. She often plays on the beach of Sur. Zeus asks Hermes to put a cow on a nearby hill, and Zeus becomes a cow. Mixing in the herd, take the opportunity to get close to her. Because the cow was very snow-white and its horns were shining, Europa was deeply attracted by it. The white cow motioned her to ride. She was ignorant. The true face was revealed on Ritter Island, and Zeus was pleased with Europa. She also gave birth to multiple sons for Zeus. In commemoration of this event, Zeus, Taurus is the incarnation of the bull, and named the continent after Europa-Europa, which is Europe . The star map only shows the upper body of the cow, and the lower body is in the water and is not visible.

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