White Glitter Dust

Choose different jewellery for different occasions. In fact, when you wear jewelry, you must pay attention to the occasion just as you choose clothes.

For example, in the workplace, small and exquisite jewelry is the most suitable. Minimalist style is a good choice. Such jewellery will give people a capable feel in the working environment and will not attract too much attention.

White is noble and pure, perfect for everyday commuting.

However, it should be noted that if you are a workplace newcomer, it is recommended to choose earrings instead of large overhanging earrings.

ear studs

But when you are attending other occasions, wearing slightly exaggerated earrings can let you be the focus.

hoop earrings

This set of dusting products has the same materials, the same color, and has a high degree of uniformity. This jewellery is usually worn on formal occasions and is a personal touch.

You can also choose to stack rings and try wearing different styles of rings on your fingers.

stacking rings

Similarly, necklaces, even bracelets and bangles have a lot of mix and match.


This way of wearing can better reflect your personality. But pay attention to stacking skills, avoiding too much complexity, otherwise it will be counterproductive.


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