Why does Skull Culture Thrive?

  The skull culture originated in the Middle Ages in Europe. The turmoil brought by the war had a strong impact on the beliefs of the European people. People began to think deeply about the meaning of life and feel the fragility of life. Art reflects life, and artists begin to assign specific symbolic meanings to various objects. Through the skull, the artist reminds people of the shortness of life, the meaninglessness of joy and the inevitability of death. Life is very fragile, and in the face of absolute death, all the glitzy pleasures of life are nothing.

  This skull culture also encourages us to cherish our own lives in the face of the inevitability of death, and then live out our own values. That's what we often say "to spend every day as if it were the last".

  The skull necklace of Kingka jewelry not only adopts the popular element of the skull, but also gives the characteristic element of Kingka - black stardust, and uses black to highlight the skull, which makes this skull necklace more unique.


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