How Did Aquarius Come from?

  In ancient Greek mythology, the favorite of Zeus, the king of the gods, was neither Hera, the queen, nor Princess Europa, whom he turned into a bull to seduce, but a beautiful Cretan boy, Ganymedes. He turned into an eagle and took the beautiful boy abducted, and loved him on Mount Olympus.

  Ganymedes is the only male lover of Zeus, and he is also unique. Zeus loved Ganymedes so much, in order to please Ganymedes, he planted golden vines for the beautiful young man himself. Zeus never brought any woman to Olympus or bestowed them immortal divinity, but he only brought Ganymedes to Olympus.

  Zeus’s love for Ganymedes aroused the jealousy of Hera, the queen. Hera turned Ganymedes into a transparent water bottle and asked him to pour water for Zeus forever, but tears poured out of the water bottle. The gods were all moved, so Zeus sealed Ganymedes' soul in the sky and made him a star in the night sky. This is the origin of Aquarius.

  Aquarius people are good at reorganizing their spiritual life and are pioneers of new ideas. Pursuing your own lifestyle is the attitude of Aquarius.

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